“It is a deep joy in my life to serve Esalen and to support the service Esalen provides for the people of the world. I love the thought that Esalen will continue to serve many more generations to come.”
— Byron Katie, author and faculty member
Changing lives, past, present, and future.

Fifty years ago, the idea that mind, body, heart, and spirit are intertwined was revolutionary. Today, it’s a given. Esalen was on the leading edge then and it remains there now, with workshops, conferences, research, and a reimagined residential education program that build on our history to explore the next frontiers of individual and societal transformation. Your support is essential to Esalen’s future, which is essential to humanity’s.

Supporting Esalen supports real change. Our donors support everything from the “living machine” that sustainably processes the wastewater from our laundry to the Voices of Esalen podcast that makes our resources and insights available far beyond the limits of Big Sur to the Friends of Esalen portal that keeps us connected even when we’re apart.

There are many ways you can contribute, including:

Join Friends of Esalen

The Friends of Esalen community gives individuals who want to have a more active role in advancing our mission more ways to stay engaged with Esalen. Friends of Esalen members fund key, urgent projects, including expanding access through vital student scholarships and funding the infrastructure that our remote Big Sur location requires.

Esalen is a 501(c)(3) organization and your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
View our tax id number, 990 and additional information.

Friends of Esalen
Give Online

More Ways to Give
Workplace matching
Write a check
Donor advised funds and wiring donations
Bequest, IRA, and Charitable Gifts

Member benefits
  • The Friends Dispatch: regular updates from the Community and Advancement Team
  • Community discussions
  • Virtual gatherings
  • Connect with fellow Friends of Esalen
  • Advance tickets to special events like the Midsummer Festival
  • Friends of Esalen retreats
  • A personal tour of the Big Sur campus when you visit
  • Everything included with the $120 Friends of Esalen Membership
  • Conley Bookstore Discount
  • Get added to the Priority Wait List for filled workshops
  • Everything included with the $500 membership
  • Day Pass for you and a guest
  • Conley Bookstore Discount
  • Personal email booking support with the Community and Advancement Team

For more information, please contact friends@esalen.org.

Patron Circle

For those who wish to make a gift of $5000 or more, we invite you to give in support of the specific area of our work that resonates with you. Donors for each fund are listed in the annual report, if they wish, and are invited to join an annual live conversation about the work each fund has done to support the Esalen global community.


The Scholarship Fund opens Esalen workshops to seekers of any economic background with demonstrable financial need. Recently expanded with a $500,000 commitment, the Fund is primed to significantly increase Esalen’s presence in the world.


From our programs in citizen diplomacy to our pioneering role in holistic health, the research that comes out of the CTR has a significant influence on our culture and society.


The Sustainability Fund supports Esalen’s vision of living in a nurturing relationship with the environment. With your leadership, we can continue to steward our land while pioneering new models of sustainable agriculture for others to emulate and build upon.


Fund essential support for existing and future workshops at Esalen, our flagship residential education experience, and more. Help us envision the next chapter in human potential by supporting pioneering faculty and programs.


The Impact Fund supports a web of connections from local organizations to larger, like-minded nonprofits. An incubator of sorts, this Fund supports other organizations in creating transformative experiences within the context of the social network.


The Campus Fund supports  ongoing facility modernization and improvement and stewardship of our 100-plus acre campus. Help us maintain the land and Esalen’s presence for generations to come.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving program that allows you to combine favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite causes. If you have a donor advised fund, you may use DAF Direct to allocate charitable funds to Esalen directly from your DAF.

Shop AmazonSmile

Use this link to designate your support for Esalen Institute and then shop at smile.amazon.com. A portion of the purchase price will be donated to Esalen.

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